Discover and join the platform that was missing on the Place of Bordeaux.


With WINE TRADE MARKET, wines are made available and delivered at the end of a 96-hour safety period. It’s fast, and above all it provides the time needed to validate and guarantee payments, inspect wines, carry out necessary administrative and customs operations, and secure the delivery or availability for pickup.


With WINE TRADE MARKET, the offerings we have available on the Place de Bordeaux are right before your eyes. When a request from a customer comes in you can respond immediately and logistical services are included. As a seller, you will have an exceptional showcase for your dormant inventory and under totally anonymous conditions.


WINE TRADE MARKET is reserved exclusively for professionals.
A secure area is set aside for you, where all transactions are anonymous: the buyer does not know the seller… and the seller does not know the buyer!
Discretion for optimal performance!


Your wines inventoried on the Place de Bordeaux can be put up for sale in just a few clicks.
Wherever you are in the world, you can find and buy the wines you need just as easily.
That’s what WINE TRADE MARKET is all about: it’s something of a revolution – designed on the basis of your real needs!

An application designed with you in mind

WINE TRADE MARKET offers you a daily decision support tool that’s simple, flexible, and tailored to the realities of your market

A few clicks are all it takes to populate the database and offer your products. It’s just as easy to conduct a search and confirm an offer.

Wine Trade Market, la plateforme dédiée au négoce des Grands Vins stockés à Bordeaux.
Wine Trade Market, la plateforme dédiée au négoce des Grands Vins stockés à Bordeaux.

Your digital ally

Become a member of WINE TRADE MARKET

It’s simple: first, read and accept our terms.

Then you’ll fill out a form, and once it’s been approved by our staff you’ll become a member of WINE TRADE MARKET, and can enjoy all the benefits and services of the platform… as a buyer or seller.

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