Q. How do I become a member?
A. Directly on the site: just fill out the form and you will be contacted by the site administrators.

Q. Do I have to pay to register?
A. No, it’s a free platform.

Q. Can private individuals register?
A. No. A professional registration number must be provided.

Q. How do I sell?
A. By simply placing your offers on the site (by uploading Excel/CSV files or manually)

Q. What is an offer?
A. It is a combination of an Estate, a Vintage, a volume given in centiliters, a packaging scheme, and a quantity given in bottles that you have in your inventory.

Q. What price should I sell at?
A. It’s up to you. Better deals will sell faster. Indicators are provided to help you determine your positioning.

Q. Can I change my offer?
A. Yes, whenever you wish, 24/7.

Q. Can I withdraw my offer?
A. Of course, whenever you wish.

Q. Can I sell wines that are not on the Place de Bordeaux?
A. No!

Q. Can I sell wines other than Bordeaux?
A. Yes, if they are inventoried on the Place de Bordeaux.

Q. How do I get paid?
A. 96 hours after collection, via the payment platform.

Q. Is a buyer obliged to order all the bottles included in an offer?
A. No. A purchase may be partial if it respects the offer’s packaging scheme.

Q. How much does the seller make?
A. The buyer orders a certain quantity of bottles from your offer, in consideration of the packaging scheme. This is the total amount (price per number of bottles) that the seller makes. All costs are borne by the buyer.

Q. Can I find out who the buyer is?
A. No, the anonymity is absolute!

Q. Can I leave labels on my crates?
A. No, the labels will be removed, and only one label will appear – that of the WINE TRADE MARKET logistics facility.

Q. Where will my wines go? How?
A. They will be transported by the WINE TRADE MARKET team at their Bordeaux facility.

Q. What happens at the WINE TRADE MARKET logistics facility?
A. The packaging is inspected and the wines are made available for collection or delivered to the buyer.

Q. Will I be alerted to the sale?
A. Yes, WINE TRADE MARKET will automatically notify you and contact you for pickup.

Q. How are payments made?
A. By bank transfer within 24 hours, via the payment platform.

Q. What happens to my money?
A. It will be held in escrow for 96 hours, the time required to pick up the wine from the seller and inspect it.

Q. Will the seller know who I am?
A. No… both parties remain anonymous.

Q. What does my payment cover?
A. Your payment covers the value of the wine, the site’s fees (3%) , and the logistics service (€5 /case).